I know this dude’s ballin, and yeah that’s nice…

As I mentioned before, Peter was quite the playboy. The money and the designer duds helped him achieve instant popularity on campus. He was affiliated with an on campus fraternity and was a regular attendee of all the hip parties. Laura had easy access to Peter and would often approach him mid-fiesta. Eventually, they started leaving social gatherings together and spending time together became a regular occurrence.

Laura and Peter were having a fling but she could hardly call herself his girlfriend. Take Halloween for example: Laura and Peter had been hooking up since early September. Once Halloween rolled around, Laura figured she was on track to be Peter’s date to the fraternity’s annual costume party. The date approached and Laura was not invited. She confronted Peter and demanded to know the reason. Peter looked her right in the eye and told her; he had invited his ex-girlfriend from New York instead. She was driving down and would be spending the weekend in order to attend the party.

At this point, the majority or women would pull the plug on Peter. He was clearly not interested in Laura and frankly did not care about her opinion of him. As it was, a platonic male friend invited Laura to the party. She was dolled up and waiting for Peter when he walked in with his cute as a button NY ex. Peter walked right on by Laura, not even acknowledging her presence. Despite her devastation, Laura planted herself in strategic locations to see and speak with Peter throughout the night. She was desperate to bait him and prevail over his former girlfriend. Alas, the night ended with Laura heading back to the dorm alone and Peter and the ex heading back to his lush off campus apartment.

Fast forward a couple days, it is a random weeknight and some friends get together for an impromptu drink. Laura and Peter are both present. The ex had long since returned to New York and Peter’s hormones were raging he was looking for the evening’s lucky lady. Laura, missing the comfort of Peter’s Egyptian cotton sheets made herself available for a one on one after party. Later on, Laura would explain that she took the opportunity to confront Peter about Halloween. According to Laura, Peter explained that spending a final weekend with the ex helped him move on. This satisfied Laura although she had to ask if they had slept together. They had. Laura had mixed emotions but she let the need to be part of Peter’s life and lifestyle prevail. She spent the night with him, and many nights after that one.


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