Meet Hank

Way way back in the day, high school to be specific, I had a best friend, Hank. Hank was good looking and out going. He was the youngest of four siblings, which meant that he always had access to an instant party. His mom was lackadaisical and gave up on trying to enforce rules, even big ones like underage drinking. Hank’s dad was never around and clearly detested party central aka his own home.

In my mind, Hank had the ideal situation. He had a big fun family and constant socializing. I yearned to be part of his inner circle and live in the party that was his life. My friends were blown away by the sheer size and qualities of Hank’s parties. There was a never-ending supply of booze and plenty of cute attendees. It was just like those over the top parties you see in teen movies…the fun never stopped.

Even though I worshiped Hank, common sense urged me to hang up my party hat and go onto college. Over my holiday break, I found my self-back at his place enjoying the old scenery. Things had not changed much except for the crowd. Those that came back from college were interspersed with a new group of high school people. With a wink, Hank introduced me to his new closest female friend, Lindsay. She had barely turned fifteen.
Hank was an eighteen-year-old local celebrity and with that status, things like college and a “real job” did not rate.

Eventually the revolving door of young party people wore on Hank’s dad. He was spending less and less time at the house. So much so that Hank’s mom grew concerned. When he failed to come home one New Year’s Eve, she called his business partner. After significant grilling, the partner admitted that Hank’s dad was having an affair. He was spending the holiday with the other woman. Hank’s mom confronted her husband who copped to the affair and announced that he wanted a divorce. He sited their home life as part of the problem; there was no peace and quiet.

That marked what I would say was the downturn of Hank’s life. The thing about his life that he enjoyed the most crippled his parent’s marriage. He felt that on some level, he was to blame and in ways, I agree with him. Get ready to hear the tales of Hank’s romantic history and gain understanding of how the past spins the future.

Side bar, I Google imaged “underage drinking” for today’s picture and I found so many LOL/WTFs:

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